The Beach

A place where the lapping sea ends its attack on the land. It is a funny thing to try and capture all the things that can happen with the beach. Truly it's a wonderful place where you can  relax and explore. Its also a place where people interact and socialize. So many things to  so many people. Its a wonder how we can take so many different takes of the same place  but share a deep sense of commonality that touch us in such a shared manner.  Thought I would share a few I have enjoyed taking over the years with many different camera and  differing intents over many years.

 This is off the coast of Rhode Island circa 2002

Greek Isles

Newport Beach

Malibu Beach  Off the coast of Stockholm          Croatian Coast
                                                                Long Beach, CA

Coast of Portugal
                                                      Laguna Beach

                                                             Great Salt Lake

Venice Beach



Any photographer or artist who is serious about his craft is trying to get his art to "say" something. This is important if you wish to be able to deliver something beyond the simply novel. But to get the "chops" to be able to do this, you have to have technique.  This only comes with perspiration and effort.

 So to make that leap throwing your efforts at everything effectively throws your efforts at nothing. I'll explain. If you are working on shooting sunsets today and contemplating foreground importance vs mid and background. Then the next time you shoot your working at the zoo with monkeys in a cage, then the following time your doing a product shoot. Can you see the quandary. Its true especially when you start. and your so excited you want to practice everything and that I think is good.  But at some point you have to decide what you are focused on and somewhat more importantly what you are not.

 Cleaving away the sporadic growth will allow you to better s…

My God its full of stars!

Ahh, and you thought you could escape movie references in this post. The muse of inspiration, that wonderful spout that keeps giving. What would you do to feel her caress. you can have the dedication, you can take all the techniques  but most of us including myself would give it away to  be inspired. We have all just sat there like that gargoyle with our tongue out..... just hoping against hope  something cool will come to us.

 To have that creative spark that takes us in a direction and holds our feet to the fire till the creation is done. The trouble is the dance with the muse is scarce and we never know how long she will be with us till she has run away yet again.  We all know the story of the 99 % perspiration. I am not going to try and tell you its not true.

 That doesn't mean we can't  know what kind of place we have to build in order for the dance with creativity to last a bit longer and be more fulfilling.  So think about the last time you were  hit with the creative …

No one cares about your photos

A picture maybe worth a thousand words. Pictures that we take may seem like these wonderful polished gemstones of very important moments in our lives. However the truth of the matter is outside of ourselves the moment  is just a flicker in a long stream of endlessly forgotten photos in other peoples lives.

It is easy to try and justify or minimize that statement by talking about the importance of those pictures to other people who may be close to us. Or perhaps the likes on our social media have convinced us that  somehow those pictures we took mean something.  Its easy to fall into that self deception in believing our own hype.

Let's be clear I am not saying people don't like our photos. They may very well think they are pretty or they are "nice" or "cute" or capturing  momentary attention. I totally think, no I know that is true.

 What I am talking about is no one really can understand that moment like you can when you look at that photo. Let me go a li…

We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well.....and live.

No One Cares about your Photo ( in conclusion)

 If your a friend of cinema you might recognize the reference, which I find very applicable to the thought expressed earlier. It follows that  understanding few if any persons really spend effort into understanding the meaning or the import or even the reason for the photo. If you ever want to validate the thought.  Take any picture from a magazine or social media of someone you don't know or care about share the picture and tell people it's your favorite niece or nephew. Watch all the oohs and aahs. Now think  about all the pictures you have done in the past, was it really your picture that was that great or was it people's relationship to you?
I note that my personal Instagram page with no pictures has often times had more followers than the Pro one?   But do likes denote connection or just a temporary smile at something novel? So this is not a rehash.
 The reference is to a film from the Late 50's where there are galley sl…

A man waiting for his train to come in

There he is standing.  Clothes still wet, umbrella in hand waiting. Time only know how long he has been looking down that tunnel.  Staring into the dark recess. Like so many other things in life. You have to show up.  Pay your way. Make the effort to be at the right place at the right time.  Checking your watch to make sure its the right time and making your way to where you will board.  There is of course no guarantee that you will  make it to your final destination but the key is to do what you can to be at the right place at the right time. With the right  things in place so that you can board and move on to your next place. The tunnel may look dark and the the tracks empty but if you do your part at some point, you are rewarded when the light  does appear.....

Feeling the burn

No I have not taken up competitive bodybuilding.  But the term is totally  applicable. Its helps describe the zone of when you have put the day's concerns behind and dedicated your attention and efforts in a way that exerts you to a point in which there is where you can feel your pushing your limits. It implies this is not a moment but rather a continuous feeling that comes from strenuous effort.  And while this is something that might not seem pleasant. its entirely where you want to be.  It means your  leaving behind  your safety zone.. It means your stretching your horizons to new places.  More importantly its a new platform on which you can perform.

Its hard saying when I first noticed it. But its good. I've gotten asked about paid work before. I have been asked if I do prints before. I have been asked  to share things before. But there is a distinctly different quality to it now. Maybe  because its no longer just friends who are doing the asking. Maybe because the majori…